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Mr. Satterly
Updated on February 14, 2017

I make supplemental filters for Adblock Plus to block garbage on webpages not covered by other lists. I use many regular expressions, a few domain filters, but no CSS or white list filters.


abp_filters.txt ~46 KiB


If you don't know how to use Adblock Plus read their getting started guide.

Adblock Plus: getting started

The filter file isn't a subscription because it doesn't have an update interval. Some ways to use the filters are copy individual filters, import as a custom list using the restore backup feature in Adblock Plus, and add as a subscription and manually update it. If you import the filters as a custom list in Adblock Plus this is what you would see.

Adblock Plus Screenshot
Adblock Plus Screenshot


Use Fanboy Ultimate List, Malware Domains, Peter Lowe's ad server list, and Spam404 scam list. Fanboy Ultimate List has white list filters that allows ads and trackers. In Adblock Plus white list filters override blocks from other lists. Disable any filters that get in your way.

Disable JavaScript. Most of the garbage on websites relies on it. It is insecure and causes a loss of privacy.


The lists below are filter groups in my Adblock Plus custom filters. Use Adblock Plus' restore backup feature to see the filter groups. Unfortunately doing so replaces existing custom filters.


Ads includes advertisements, counters, and trackers.





Social includes like us, follow us, share this, social icons, social logos, subscriptions, and so on.

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